Laboratory and Testing Equipment

Testing equipment

The manufacturing and sale of laboratory equipment is one of the most promising lines of activities for Elmas Group. The range of products offered is increasingly growing. Our company offers high-quality certified laboratory devices and full range of related services.

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Testing equipment
Where to buy laboratory equipment and devices

You will find in our catalog.

  • Electrical equipment power cord testing machines.
  • Noise generators for testing sound systems.
  • Hooks and probes for assessing access to hazardous parts of electrical installations, etc.
  • Equipment for assessing mechanical resistance.
  • Equipment for testing electrical devices for heat and temperature resistance.
  • Machines for testing equipment for moisture resistance (IP code), dust proofness, etc.
Additional services
  • Design, creation and follow-up monitoring of laboratories for the following criteria: tools, safety, space, necessary equipment, work sequence, safety of operating personnel.
  • Personnel training in handling testing and measuring equipment.
  • Selection of necessary equipment.
  • Start-up, setup and maintenance service.
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