Informational Workshops

Elmas Group Workshops

Elmas Group’s experts have developed courses for holding information and advisory workshops focusing on the implementation of management systems at enterprises, basics of international and national standards and their new versions and training of internal auditors. The seminars are held onsite in the Customer’s premises or at Elmas Group.

All of Elmas Group’s workshops are informational by nature and are not a format of educational activity. After workshops, all participants receive certificates of participation issued by Elmas Group.

Elmas Group Workshops
DEKRA Workshops
Elmas Group holds workshops focusing on the development and implementation of management systems and training of internal auditors in cooperation with DEKRA. SWorkshops are delivered by Russian and invited experts certified by DEKRA. Subject to successful final testing, students receive numbered certificates of participation issued by DEKRA.
Cooperation with MASPO Academy

International Academy of Modern Vocational Education (MASPO) is a multidisciplinary educational institution that offers advanced trainings and retraining programs and issues state diplomas and national IDs.

In cooperation with MASPO, Elmas Group offers onsite and offsite trainings and seminars addressing management systems designed for both representatives of customers, experts and auditors.

More information about MASPO is available at its homepage.

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