Certification in CIS Countries

Product certification in CIS countries.

There are product conformity certification systems in all CIS countries, however, the approaches and principles adopted by different countries significantly differ (except for the member countries of the Customs Union where uniform technical regulations are in force). As a result, product certification in CIS countries is quite a labor intensive process requiring knowledge of local conformity assessment laws.

For more than twenty years of its track record in conformity assessment, Elmas Group has created its own partner network and has accumulated considerable experience in this domain.

Elmas Group’s services
1. Analysis of requirements set for the target product type by national regulations.
2. Determination of conformity assessment procedure for the target product type.
3. Certification and declaration services in CIS countries.
Elmas Group Services
Services in CIS countries:
1. Ukraine Safety, EMC, telecom, medical device registration
2. Azerbaijan Safety, EMC, telecom
3. Uzbekistan Safety, EMC, medical device registration, pattern approval
4. Moldova Safety, EMC, telecom
5. Tajikistan Safety, EMC
6. Belarus CU TR, medical device registration, telecom STB, STB EE
7. Kazakhstan CU TR, medical device registration
8. Armenia CU TR, telecom
9. Kyrgyzstan Safety, EMC, CU TR
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