CE Certificate

CE Marking

is the best known conformity mark in the European Union. The presence of this mark confirms that the product conforms to European directives, guarantees that the product is safe for humans and environment and allows selling it in the territory of the European Union.

CE certification may be either voluntary or compulsory depending on product types. Moreover, different product types have to pass either certification or declaration procedure. The product requirements conformity to which is evidenced by the presence of the CE mark are set out in EU Directives. The decision on whether a product conforms or not is made by notified body based on test reports issued in respect of tests conducted in accredited laboratories in the European Union.

CE Mark
CE certification by Elmas Group

The key advantage of Elmas Group is the availability of its own laboratories accredited by notified body and having experience in CE-certification tests. The recognition of test reports issued by our laboratories can significantly speed up the test procedure because there is no need to deliver samples to European laboratories.

In cooperation with notified bodies, Elmas Group certifies CE conformity to the following directives:

  • Directive 2014/35/EU «Low Voltage Equipment»;
  • Directive 2014/30/EU «Electromagnetic Compatibility».

To have a product assessed and test program determined, please, provide technical documentation and operation manual.

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